Who we are

Contentsquare is the world's leading provider of enterprise digital experience analytics.

In October 2020, we acquired accessibility software developer AdaptMyWeb (AMW) with the threefold goal of improving accessibility within the industry, developing tools for brands to make their digital properties accessible, and accelerating AMW’s efforts to close the accessibility gap by starting a foundation.



Jonathan Cherki

Passionate about data and statistics, Jonathan Cherki founded Contentsquare in 2012 and today serves as the CEO of the company.

Foundation Director

Marion Ranvier

Marion is the founder and CEO of AdaptMyWeb, an accessibility technology acquired by Contentsquare, and a longtime advocate for digital accessibility.


Nicolas Fritz

In addition to serving as Chief Operations Officer at Contentsquare, Nicolas has led several successful programs in the nonprofit sector.


Joaquim De Sa Alves

Joaquim is Chief Financial Officer at Contentsquare, and eager to put his talents to use as the Contentsquare Foundation treasurer.



With more than 800 employees worldwide, Contentsquare's entire workforce is helping to support the Contentsquare Foundation.

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