All equal behind the screen

Who We Are

Contentsquare’s mission is to empower brands to create better experiences, not just for some, but for ALL by focusing on digital accessibility.

The Contentsquare foundation's mission is to raise awareness around Digital Accessibility for people with disabilities, while making a real social impact.

What is Digital Accessibility?

The ability of a website, mobile application or electronic document to be easily navigated and understood by a wide range of users, including the users who have visual, auditory, motor or cognitive disabilities.

Our Projects

Our Three Pillars

Equal Access for Education and Culture

To create and deploy educational projects and tools for free that help people with disabilities. Our main goal is to give them the opportunity to gain easy access to digital content, and therefore to provide them with fundamental foundations for a better education and cultural knowledge.

Inclusive Design First, the New Standard

To celebrate diversity and the uniqueness of each individual. Inclusive Design is the design of an environment so that it can be accessed and used by as many people as possible, regardless of age, gender and disability.

Social Responsibility with Tangible Impact

To highlight external innovative projects which have a social impact. We support accessibility stakeholders to develop their solution to help the daily life of people with disabilities. Let’s create a community of digital accessibility stakeholders and make the web truly accessible to everyone.

The Team


Jonathan Cherki

Passionate about data and statistics, Jonathan Cherki founded Contentsquare in 2012 and today serves as the CEO of the company.

Foundation Director

Marion Ranvier

Marion is the founder and CEO of AdaptMyWeb, an accessibility technology acquired by Contentsquare, and a longtime advocate for digital accessibility.


Nicolas Fritz

In addition to serving as Chief Operations Officer at Contentsquare, Nicolas has led several successful programs in the nonprofit sector.


Joaquim De Sa Alves

Joaquim is Chief Financial Officer at Contentsquare, and eager to put his talents to use as the Contentsquare Foundation treasurer.

Global Awareness Director

Isabelle Ni

Isabelle is passionate about people and innovations. She brings her communication expertise to take Digital Accessibility global and make it the new inclusion standard.

Senior Product Manager

Taze Young

Taze loves bringing value to customers and users of the products he works on. His product management background and experience of being on the customer side gives him the unique advantage to help create innovative solutions to complex problems.


Margot Bouhon

Margot is the one who validates all projects we develop at the foundation in order to guarantee the quality of our programs from a scientific standpoint.



With more than 800 employees worldwide, Contentsquare's entire workforce is helping to support the Contentsquare Foundation.

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