Video Game to Indicate the Risk of Dyslexia

Early detection of dyslexia is one of the best things we can do for a dyslexic child. It helps them tackle their challenges head on and to keep up with, and even surpass their non-dyslexic peers in reading and comprehension.

Early detection and diagnosis is key in setting the best course in a dyslexic child’s education and later career

Experts believe that many countries have very low diagnosis rates, for example, the UK of 5%

In some countries it can be difficult to get an appointment with an expert so they give up

Our Initiative with a Video Game to Indicate the Risk of Dylexia

To help encourage detection and ultimately diagnosis, we’re creating a fun and free video game that will help show the risk of dyslexia in a child. Using expert-validated gaming mechanics, a child’s playthrough of the game will be able to show their responses to functions that are known to be deficient and not deficient (to remove false positives) in dyslexic people.

Our video game will be freely available online and accessible on any device with a web browser.

Parents and guardians will be able to observe their child playing the video game, then have access to an anonymized report showing the level of risk of dyslexia against normative data.

It will not be a diagnostic tool, but will help push parents and guardians to get their child diagnosed by a qualified expert.

"We know many dyslexic people who cannot imagine their lives without having been diagnosed and supported very early on."

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