Our Programs

Contentsquare is committed to giving people with disabilities equal access to online content.

With that goal in mind, our programs focus on four key pillars to help make the internet a more accessible and inclusive place.

Invest in Education

We're creating tools to help students with disabilities reach their full academic potential, and for tomorrow's computer science leaders to build more accessible products.

Easy reading platform

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects your ability to read, write, spell, and speak. Dyslexic people have trouble connecting the letters they see with the sounds those letters make. 

Dyslexia is a common disability, affecting 5-10% of the population regardless of language, location, or background. It may impact 700M people worldwide. Yet schools and universities are rarely trained on how to help dyslexic and disabled students.

We have developed an easy reading platform to assist students with reading difficulties, including those with dyslexia and visual impairments. Our solution can be used by teachers who want to prepare learning materials for their students, or by parents who wants to adapt content for their kids at home.

Online Training

The numbers don't lie: in spite of massive need for accessible content, 98% of homepages are not fully accessible.

A key driver of this accessibility gap? Computer science students are not learning digital accessibility best pratices. 

That's why the Contentsquare Foundation aims to train futures computer science professionals. This is a collaborative effort between schools and the software development community to share experiences, educate and create a strong synergy so we can develop the best tools to assist people with disabilities.

Enable Inclusive Design

Helping organizations become more inclusive

We're a resource for organizations that want to build more inclusive and accessible products. With that goal, here's how we help to enable organizations: 

  • We list talents and resources to design accessible digital interfaces (websites, apps or intranet)
  • We created an Accessible Websites Guide for People with Disabilities: A directory of model sites that follow WCAG 2.1 criteria.
  • We created a guide to designing and developing websites, tools, and technologies so that people with disabilities can use them.

The aim is giving companies all the resources to make websites accessible.

We want to show to all the work that organizations puts towards disability inclusion will go a long way and the disability community will react positively to your dedication and persistence.

Invest in Social Responsibility

Supporting accessibility innovators worldwide

Help young actors in early stage (startup, association..) to develop their solution to help the daily life of people with disabilities. The Foundation wants supports innovative projects around the world that are working to solve the web inequality.

The Contentsquare Foundation is investing in programs developing solutions with a social impact by granting financial aid, mentoring software engineers, and training developers on accessibility.

Raise Awareness

Let's give them something to talk about

Our mission is to involve people with disabilities, corporations, medical researchers, and software developers to talk about digital accessibility on an international scale.

To do that, the Contentsquare Foundation will organize events, webinars and conferences with specials guest to talk about web accessibility, inclusive design and how we can work together to create an inclusive digital world.

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