1. Picture description 
  2. Line distinction & silent letter 
  3. Dyslexia & syllable division
  4. Surface dyslexia & letter confusion
  5. Phonological dyslexia & sound confusion

Accessibility Guide

Four books adapted into five reading profiles

For dyslexic people, reading is sometimes a real challenge. Two talented Contentsquare employees and authors, Adoriana Morkos and Aurélien Aubrun, generously donated their books, allowing us to adapt 4 books into various reading profiles. Download them here.


With Your Help, Christmas Will Be Unforgettable! and Christmas Will Be Magical

By Adoriana Morkos

Collection manager at Contentsquare, Adoriana supports the foundation by donating two children books telling Christmas stories.

Download With Your Help, Christmas Will be Unforgettable :

Download Christmas Will Be Magical :


Agape and Agape Prologue

By Aurélien Aubrun

Our Office Manager in Paris takes you through a beautiful short story in two parts. A real tribute to ever-lasting love.

Download Agape :

Download Agape Prologue :

Get involved and learn more

Dive into the world of digital accessibility with us. Discover insightful content that will help you better understand why the matter is fundamental today.

Contentsquare et Be My Eyes partenaires

To get involved

Contentsquare Foundation supports Be My Eyes, an application that connects visually impaired individuals with volunteers. In this holiday season, take 1 minute of your time to help others. 

The application is simple to use: answer a video call to facilitate the daily life of visually impaired or blind people and make them the world more accessible.

Download the App

For the International Day of People with Disabilities, we hosted a webinar: All Equal behind the Screen.

Led by Natasha Madeuf, Digital Accessibility Specialist and Matt Christie, UX/UX Design Lead, learn more about Digital Accessibility and see how we can all contribute to make the web accessible to everyone.

Watch the video

The Endless Coffee Cup podcast series with Matt Bailey asks the question of accessibility in digital marketing. His guest, Kim Krause-Berg, Accessibility Expert, talks about the challenges of digital accessibility today and both will demonstrate how it benefits more people than just the desired target. 

Listen to the Podcast

Time to end exclusion and to make the world more inclusive!. Caroline Casey, founder of The Valuable 500 tells you why businesses continue to ignore people with disabilities. 

Watch the Video

Two books dedicated to Dyslexia

Made by Dyslexia is a global charity, run by successful dyslexic people. Their goal is to help the world understand, value and support dyslexia. They have developed two books to raise awareness, adapted to children and adult readerships.